A better alternative to venture debt.

PIUS offers a better financing alternative to venture debt for technology-rich companies; we significantly improve borrowing limits by insuring IP for the benefit of the lender.

The PIUS Advantage

IP Validation

PIUS analyzes a company’s IP and ensures that the business strategy and IP strategy are aligned.

Large Amount of Capital

PIUS underwrites insurance for loans based on the company’s IP, empowering larger loan amounts.

Low Interest Rates

On average, PIUS offers interest rates 400 to 800 bps lower than venture debt rates.

No Required Equity

There is no dilution of the company, because PIUS does not require equity or warrant coverage.

Requirements for Borrowers

Terms and Conditions
  • Loan Limits: $5-25 million
  • Structure: Interest-only period with amortization thereafter
  • Pricing: Interest rates lower than venture debt with no equity participation
  • Minimum of $5,000,000 gross revenue
  • Positive to slightly negative cash flow
  • Usually Series B funding or later

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