The PIUS team

The PIUS team has extensive experience in managing and monetizing Intellectual Property with a successful track record working with Fortune 1000 technology companies, commercial banks, venture capitalists, and insurance firms.

Many of the team members hold credentials as Patent Attorneys and PhD’s in Physics, Molecular Biology, Organic Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Biochemistry, Material Science, Robotics Engineering, and Electrical and Computer Equipment.

Joe A. Agiato

CEO & Founder

Joe Agiato is the Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of PIUS. Joe oversees the structuring and pricing of deals, all due diligence functions, and developing and maintaining deal sourcing, patent, trademark and trade name valuations.

Joe has been an active investor and team leader in various intellectual property transactions. He also served as the National Practice Leader for Intellectual Property Services at KPMG. His expertise helped pioneer and develop intellectual asset management procedures that helped clients generate significant incremental returns from their intellectual property rights. He performed over 2,000 IP valuations and has been involved with over $40 billion worth of IP transactions.

Joe holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Accounting and Economics, a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance, and a MS Degree in Valuation Sciences.

Harry W. Rodgers


Harry Rodgers is the Chief Operating Officer of PIUS and oversees operations and provides the design and development for the company’s insurance programs.

Harry is an expert in the field of captive insurance companies, segregated cell companies, special purpose entities, and other risk finance-related insurance products. He has overseen the implementation of many successful alternative risk programs including Group Captives, Agency Captives, Liability Risk Retention Groups, and “For Profit” captive insurance programs. Harry has worked extensively in risk management for construction, real estate, transportation, warranty and extended services, and financial services.

Harry is a graduate of the University of Tennessee and is accredited as a Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC). Harry is proud to serve on the board of the Divers Alert Network (DAN), which provides worldwide medical assistance, medical research, and scuba-diving insurance products for over 250,000 members.

Alexis Coyle

Senior Managing Director

Alexis Coyle brings global financing expertise to PIUS, including 20 years working with technology companies of all sizes and life stages at Silicon Valley Bank, ABN Amro Bank, and Scotia Capital. She started her career in corporate banking in New York, with Citibank and TD Bank. Most recently, she founded and led the Technology Banking team in San Francisco for East West Bank.

She has originated and managed teams responsible for marketing, structuring and underwriting $1 billion in assets, with hundreds of clients.

Alexis holds a B.A. in Mathematics from Wellesley College.

Sam Khoury, PhD, MBA

Managing Director

Sam Khoury has over 25 years of valuation and licensing experience that he brings to PIUS. In addition to the valuation of patents, trade secrets, trademarks and know-how, he developed training courses on technology assessment and valuation. He is also the President and founder of Inavisis, a firm dedicated to intellectual asset management (IAM) and leveraging of corporate intangible properties. Previously he was Senior Intangible Asset Appraiser of The Dow Chemical Company.

Sam has been involved in several transactions and due diligence assignments and has often consulted with companies on developing their IP strategy. As an industry leader, he has served as a trustee of the Licensing Executive Society (LES) for three years and Chaired the Valuation Committee for three years.

Sam has his PhD in Chemistry, MS in Organic Chemistry, and a Masters of Business Administration.

Jaime Siegel

Managing Director

Jaime Siegel brings over 25 years of international intellectual property experience to the PIUS team. More than half of his career was spent with Sony, where he was the Vice President and Senior IP Counsel, responsible for global patent licensing and litigation. He oversaw programs that generated well over one billion dollars. Jaime’s responsibilities included intellectual property licensing, litigation, and counseling. He led a global team developing and executing on licensing programs on a variety of Sony’s technologies, which included a patent portfolio of several thousand patents.

Jaime is a leading expert on the creation and management of cross industry patent pools, identifying intellectual property needs of other companies and being able to value and monetize intellectual asset portfolios. As a patent attorney admitted to the USPTO, Jaime was responsible for all aspects of patent litigation in North America, Europe, and Asia for Sony.

Jaime also served as Chairman of the Board of MPEG LA, the world’s most successful patent licensing pool, for two years. Prior to joining Sony, Jaime was an associate attorney at the leading IP firms of Fish & Neave and Kenyon & Kenyon, and an engineer in the aerospace industry.

Amelia Erickson

Senior Analyst

Amelia Erickson is the Senior Analyst at PIUS and uses her technical skills to assess potential clients. Amelia takes a holistic approach when analyzing companies, looking at not only the intellectual property and technology, but also the company’s financial position, investors, business model, and market share.

Amelia Erickson holds degrees in Geology and Art History from UCSB and a Master’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering from USC. Born and raised in the Silicon Valley, Amelia has worked for both start-ups and major corporations, including Apple. Amelia’s primary area of expertise is in alternative and clean energy technologies.

Catherine L. Smith


Catherine Smith is the Chief Administrative Officer for PIUS managing the day-to-day administrative needs of the company. She oversees the planning, managing and directing of activities between the departments and outside the company. She is also responsible for budgeting, executive reporting, and marketing administration.

Cathie holds a B.S. in Advertising from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Prior to joining PIUS, she held officer positions in product and project management at financial institutions, including US Bank and AMB AMRO Bank.

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