Joe Agiato Recognized as Leading IP Strategist

PIUS CEO named to IAM Strategy 300 for innovation in intellectual property

SAN FRANCISCO, September 8, 2022 – Insured technology financing pioneer, PIUS announced today that CEO Joe Agiato has been named by Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) to the IAM Strategy 300, which recognizes executives leading the way in the development and implementation of world-class intellectual property (IP) value creation programs. Since 2016, the IAM Strategy 300 has identified individuals providing top-tier services related to the development and implementation of strategies that enable IP owners to maximize the value of their portfolios.

With nearly 30 years’ experience in IP asset management and investment, Agiato has revolutionized the technology financing industry by utilizing a company’s IP as collateral to secure better financing options, including greater loans amounts and lower costs.

“PIUS was founded on the belief that intellectual property is a technology company’s most valuable asset,” said Joe Agiato, CEO of PIUS. “To be recognized for PIUS’ work in IP valuation and insured technology financing is not only an honor, but a confirmation of the industry’s need for non-dilutive, comprehensive IP lending.” 

To be considered for nomination into the IAM Strategy 300, an individual must be nominated by a minimum of three professionals outside their own organization, and further vetting takes place through interviews with senior members of the global IP community. Finally, inclusion in the IAM Strategy 300, based on further research, is reserved for those with exceptional skill sets, as well as profound insights into the development, creation and management of IP value.

PIUS’ proprietary insurance product for growth-stage technology companies enables them to secure better, more flexible financing options without dilution by insuring the debt’s value, based on PIUS’ evaluation of the company’s intellectual property. 

About PIUS

PIUS Limited, LLC, offers a proprietary insurance product for growing technology companies, which utilizes a company’s intellectual property (IP) as collateral. By insuring the loan based on its evaluation of a company’s IP, PIUS helps facilitate greater loan amounts at better rates, while transferring the risk from the lender to the insurer. Through PIUS’ CLip Notes program, PIUS provides the insurance, brings the capital source via institutional investors, and monitors the transaction, providing a complete solution. For more information, visit