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When Should a Growing Technology Company Seek Debt Financing?

In many growth-stage technology companies, the question about when to raise equity or seek debt financing can raise many questions and considerations. It’s important to make the distinction that, generally, debt is not a substitute for equity, but rather they can be very complimentary.  Debt also comes in many forms and for different purposes. Typically, when …

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Valuing High-Growth Technology Firms

Wide-ranging valuation opinions are commonplace for dynamic young companies. Understanding how valuation analysts account for these challenges can help to decipher the confusing differences in opinions.

Types of Intangible Assets

With the rise of technology companies beginning in the 1990’s, businesses look less and less “traditional,” with intangible assets overtaking tangible assets in both quantity and value.

5 Things We Examine in a Technology Assessment 

When evaluating a company’s intellectual property, we consider credit, technology, and other intangible value. These are five areas we typically consider when conducting a technology assessment.

Q1 2022: PIUS’ First Quarter Recap

PIUS experienced a year of growth in 2021, and if the first few months of 2022 are any indication, we can expect to outpace that growth significantly, year-over-year.

PIUS Announces $30 Million Secured in Second Funding for Blast Motion

PIUS announced today the securing of $30 million in financing for Blast Motion, the leader in swing analysis, player development and remote coaching. This is the second round of funding secured by PIUS based on its evaluation of Blast Motion’s intellectual property. The private placement bond was underwritten by PIUS and will provide the company working capital and growth capital.