Insured Technology Financing

With PIUS, technology companies can now borrow more effectively against their intellectual property (IP).

PIUS offers a proprietary insurance product that allows growing companies to secure better financing options at lower rates with less risk to lenders.

For Technology Companies


For Lenders


PIUS (Patent Insurance Underwriting Services) enables larger loan amounts at better rates by utilizing a company’s intellectual property as collateral.

PIUS’ proprietary insurance product provides a credit enhancement for growing companies to secure better financing options. By insuring the loan based on its evaluation of the IP, PIUS helps facilitate greater loan amounts. Its program transfers the risk from the lender to the insurer and provides more complete coverage than other policies.

PIUS team members have successfully facilitated more than $40 billion in technology and intellectual property transactions.


PIUS is a managing general agent (MGA) offering a high margin, low loss residual value insurance program, based on its evaluation of intellectual property for emerging technology companies.

PIUS’ intellectual property, credit, finance, and insurance experts provide complete underwriting services, and its proprietary insurance policy is accepted by commercial lenders.

PIUS provides continual risk mitigation through expert monitoring and claims handling services.

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PIUS has worked with the following technology companies: