With PIUS®, companies can now borrow against their IP from banks.

PIUS offers a new financing alternative to venture debt that allows technology companies to borrow more money at a lower cost with no required equity or warrant coverage.

Working with the borrower and lender, PIUS creates value through a lower cost of capital.

PIUS’ Asset Class Specialists bring broad experience in analyzing IP, which enables banks to lend against a company’s most valuable asset with the support of “A” rated insurers.


Technology Company
Borrower receives larger loan amount at lower cost, with better terms and no required warrant coverage or equity.


IP Experts
PIUS provides insurance (from “A” rated insurers) for the value of a borrower’s patent portfolio.


Banking Partners

With PIUS’ assistance, banks receive an insurance policy for the debt facility.

The PIUS Advantage

PIUS’ new funding approach provides companies with significantly more advantages compared to what is available in traditional venture debt offerings.

PIUS has assisted the following companies raise capital

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